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The 15-Day Jumpstart is a proven, evidence-based program,
recommended or prescribed by your doctor, which will personally guide you
on your 
whole-food plant-based (WFPB) journey to better health. 


Jumpstart teaches you how to eat the right foods to heal and reverse chronic conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

In addition, many participants report that they

were able to greatly reduce or even eliminate their medications after taking the program.

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Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute works together with your doctor to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based, and supportive introduction to a whole-food plant-based eating plan.

Meet "Dr. Veggie"

Jumpstart is led by Ted Barnett, MD, FACLM, also known as "the high-tech doctor with low-tech solutions." Dr. Barnett has helped participants to transform their lives, take back their health, and restore their energy levels by guiding them through a scientifically proven whole-food plant-based approach to diet and lifestyle.

•    Each Zoom meeting is live and interactive, with knowledgeable WFPB facilitators answering questions and sharing tips and tools.

•    A fun and engaging environment offers community support and sharing of experiences.

•    Comparing your pre- and post-Jumpstart biometrics shows your progress over the course of just 15 days and can motivate you to continue with your WFPB lifestyle.

•    Abundant recipes, resources, and support are provided during the 15 days, and beyond.

•    Daily encouraging emails supplement the live sessions.

•    The Google Classroom (a secure and private forum) provides a base for reference materials and a vehicle for direct communication with facilitators and fellow participants.

•    On Days 1 and 15 and most other meetings, medical practitioner access is available. Note: this does not constitute individualized medical advice or care.

•    Additional personalized physician support and guidance is optionally available through consultation with Plant Based Telehealth, to monitor your biomarkers or adjust your medications.

•    After the 15 days, a Jumpstart Alumni Group, with monthly web meetings, provides continued support and camaraderie as you continue your journey.


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The 15-Day Jumpstart program takes place over four 2-hour small group Zoom meetings. 

Two additional Wednesday evening check-ins are available for questions and sharing.

 We are happy to be collaborating with Plant Based TeleHealth and that they have referred you to our Jumpstart program.  
Their medical supervision combined with our facilitated program will help you optimize your health through a healthier diet and lifestyle.

  • An initial telemedicine appointment

  • Blood testing for baseline values (cholesterol levels, blood glucose and A1c)

  • An individualized plan, including what to expect from the Jumpstart

  • Blood testing post-Jumpstart

  • Follow-up visit with your plant-based physician


* May be partially reimbursable for patients with private health insurance

Plant Based TeleHealth includes:

  • Interactive, small group Zoom discussions

  • Educational presentations that introduce the relationships between food and health

  • Cooking demonstrations, recipes, sample menus and shopping lists

  • Daily support through emails and Google Classroom participation

  • Virtual potluck recipe exchanges… and much more!


RLMI Jumpstart includes:

Schedule your Pre-Jumpstart consultation appointmentSchedule your Pre-Jumpstart consultation appointmentSchedule your Pre-Jumpstart consultation appointment