Participate with Others Online

Lift Your Mood and Your Life

What Does the Lift Project include?

Learn Together

Join us for facilitated group video conferencing that includes watching weekly fun and entertaining video presentations together.

Experience Together

Gather together for RLMI’s online activities with others in our closed Facebook group communities and experience fun but powerful challenges to put it into practice. It’s “challenge by choice”.

Think and Share

Think about and reflect on what you are learning and experiencing. Earn a certificate of completion.

Share your Lift Project adventure with others in our closed Facebook group communities.

Watch a short video about the Lift Project

Lift Project FAQ

How many Zoom sessions are there?

Members may participate in a total of 10 moderated 1-hour Zoom sessions, once per week for 10 weeks.

Can I participate from anywhere?

Yes! You can participate from anywhere in the world! Times are listed for the Eastern Time Zone of the US.

How much social support is there?

In addition to the 10 moderated 1-hour Zoom sessions, members are encouraged to participate in a moderated closed Facebook group.

What materials are included in the Lift Project?

Lift members have access to 10 video lessons, downloadable written workbook, and daily and weekly challenges to help you make positive changes in your life. At RLMI, we will host one video session each week to present the lesson and offer social support.  Additionally, we offer a closed Facebook group that will include all current Lift members, which will grow over time.

Who is Lift for?

Anyone who can benefit from social support and a more positive outlook…which is everyone!

How much does Lift cost?

$99. We are making the program as accessible as possible to reach as many people as possible during these challenging times. $25 from each LIFT registration goes directly to charity. There are no other costs.

Is Lift a medically supervised program, like Jumpstart and CHIP?

No, Lift is similar to other purely educational programs we offer, so there are no medical visits required.

What is the Lift Project?

The Lift Project involves 10 fascinating lessons that take you on an educational adventure. Each lesson introduces a scientifically proven way to lift your mood and your life from the exciting fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine.