RLMI Offerings for Medical Professionals

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3 Facilitated Programs
All ACLM Certified

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Empower your patients

Clinicians typically have limited time to counsel patients on the rationale and practical skills behind reversing chronic disease through lifestyle choices – thereby avoiding pills and procedures. With one referral, patients can access standardized programs to build motivation and competence in a socially supportive, interactive environment through the 15-Day Whole-Food Plant-Based Jumpstart, 10-week Lift Project, and 12-week Pivio programs.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about collaborating with RLMI.

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Groundbreaking live Lifestyle Medicine patient case discussions among expert panelists

Lifestyle Medicine Grand Rounds (LMGR) is a live forum that discusses cases relevant to Lifestyle Medicine. Each month, a thought-provoking patient case is presented via Zoom to a panel of three Lifestyle Medicine specialists who comment on the patient’s treatment.

One AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ and IBLM credit are provided for free to attendees who learn about the power of using Lifestyle Medicine to treat their patients. LMGR is educational for both seasoned and those new to Lifestyle Medicine.

LMGRs are now available on our new platform, One Pale Blue Dot Earth (OPBDE), designed to promote human and planetary health in a space that fosters meaningful connections, authentic conversations, and positive emotions.

OPBDE is supported by donors and a membership fee of $5 per month (after a free three-month trial). If you choose not to become a member of OPBDE, you will still be able to attend monthly Lifestyle Medicine Grand Rounds and receive CME for free. If you choose to join OPBDE, you can continue case discussions with your colleagues, access event recordings, presentation slides, Zoom chats, transcripts, a growing list of interest groups, and much more!

Learn more about OPBDE here and register for the an upcoming LMGR here.

Grand Rounds Logo
Grand Rounds Logo

RLMI CME Credits are FREE to *qualified medical professionals

  • Evidence-based virtual online courses in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine
  • Gain knowledge and skills to help patients take charge of their own health
  • Experience renewed Joy of Practice & Less Burnout
  • Earn up to 34 AMA PRA Category Credit(s)™ and IBLM MOC Credits

Learn more and register HERE
Download the CME flyer

* Qualified medical professionals include CNM, CSW/MSW/DSW, DC, DDS, DNP/NP/APRN, DO, DPH, MD, MPH, MSW, OT/PT, PA, PharmD, PhD, RD/RDN, RN, Certified Health Coaches.

If your credentials are not listed, contact [email protected] to see if you qualify.


Patient Handouts & Posters

Each item is 8.5″ x 11″, one page, single sided, unless noted otherwise

Programs Flyer: Jumpstart, Lift, and Pivio listing with discount codes Download file

Jumpstart Flyer: Jumpstart summary Download file

Jumpstart Business Cards: Standard 2″ x 3.5″ size business cards  Download file

Lift Project Flyer: Lift Project summary Download file

Pivio Flyer: Pivio summary (2 pages or single sheet, double sided)  Download file

“Ask Your Doctor” Poster: For display in waiting and exam rooms  Download file

“Ask Your Doctor” Poster: 8.5″ x 14″  Download file

“Ask Your Doctor” Poster: 11″ x 17″  Download file

“Ask Your Doctor” Guide: Talking points supplement for the clinician  Download file

Health Coaching Flyer: Lifestyle Medicine Health Coaching service summary  Download file

Lifestyle Medicine and WFPBN Flyer: Explanation of what Lifestyle Medicine and whole-food plant-based nutrition is  Download file

Printed (hard copy) Request

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Patient Referral Methods

Making patient referrals is easy using the online or faxable form – both are secure and HIPAA compliant.
RLMI staff will follow up with your patient when you submit a referral.

Note – If the PDF file is not displaying well in your browser, either download the file or disable your browser’s PDF viewer plugin.