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CME Courses


Jumpstarting Health: Foundations

Clinicians receive up to 14 credits. Wide ranging topics include lectures on the history and rationale behind eating a WFPB diet, behavior change, deprescribing, and critiques of the health care system. Does not include participation in the 15-Day WFPB Jumpstart.

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Jumpstarting Health: Live Participation

Clinicians receive up to 10 credits for participating alongside patients and other clinicians in a live 15-Day WFPB Jumpstart. Enrollment in as many Jumpstarts as needed to reach 10 hours of participation is included in the price of the course.

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Jumpstarting Health: Comprehensive Course

Clinicians receive up to 24 credits. This course is a combination of the "Foundations" course and the "Live Participation" course.

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Non-CME and General Public Courses


A Plant-Based Diet: Eating for Happiness and Health

This online course replaces the 6-week 12-hour course with the same name that we have given in Rochester, NY 20x to over 900 people since 2012. The lectures have been updated and there is new music! Also included is the newly expanded 130 page digital version of the resource book.

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