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New RLMI paper on Jumpstart published in the AJLM

New RLMI paper on Jumpstart published in the AJLM

“Jumpstarting Health with a 15-Day Whole-Food Plant-Based Program” was published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine on April 8, 2021 by Dr. Susan Friedman, MD, MPH, Dr. Ted Barnett, MD, FACLM, Carol Hee Barnett, PhD, JD., Robert Franki, MA, Bruce Pollock, MBA and Beth Garver Beha, MS, CAS.


The 15-Day Jumpstart was developed as an evidence-based, affordable, standardized, replicable and scalable program, designed to demonstrate quickly to patients that changing what they eat can improve their health.  The program was designed using the principles of the Self-Determination Theory of motivation and personality.  Patients were instructed to eat an Esselstyn-compliant, whole-food plant-based (WFPB) diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes.  Of the 389 participants in the program from September 2018 – February 2020, average weight loss was 5.8 pounds (7.3 for those whose BMI was > 30), average systolic blood pressure drop was 6.8 points (16.8 points for those with systolic blood pressure > 140), average drop in cholesterol was 26 points (44 points for those with a cholesterol > 200), average drop in LDL was 19 points (33 points for those with an LDL > 100), and average drop in fasting blood sugar was 5.1 points (28.4 points for those starting in the diabetic range); p-value was <0.005 for fasting blood sugar and < 0.001 for all other comparisons.  A 15-day program that helps patients adopt an Esselstyn-style WFPB diet, through education, individualized medical feedback, social support, and facilitated small group work, rapidly improves health.

This paper can be viewed here.

RLMI Board of Directors publish paper on Covid in AJLM

“Lifestyle Medicine in the Midst of a Pandemic,” authored by RLMI Board of Directors, Susan M. Friedman, MD, MPH, Carol Hee Barnett, PhD, JD, and Ted D. Barnett, MD, was published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. Here is an excerpt from the paper’s abstract:

“Patients with chronic conditions are at higher risk of complications and mortality if they get COVID-19. Approximately half of American adults have at least 1 condition that increases their risk of complications if they become infected. The medical and public health communities need to send a clear message about the impact of lifestyle on health, particularly in the time of this pandemic. We need to communicate with patients and the public, to let them know how rapidly major lifestyle changes can improve health. This communication is urgent; the timeline for self-care and lifestyle medicine interventions has been telescoped, so that chronic diseases are now acute risk factors.”

To read the full paper, visit: Lifestyle Medicine in the Midst of a Pandemic.

Dr. Darren Morton, LIFT Project Founder, to speak on how to be happy

Internationally-known Australian Lifestyle Medicine Expert Dr. Darren Morton will present on how we can lift our lives and those of others—and flourish—through the award-winning, evidence-based, scientifically-proven global LIFT Project. Morton’s goal is to LIFT 10 million lives.

Charismatic, engaging and passionate, Morton is all about LIFTing lives by teaching people how to bring happiness, meaning and joy to their lives and others’ lives. Morton has presented to hundreds of receptive audiences from Australia to America.

Morton will show us what it takes to Flourish. He’ll identify and elaborate on the key elements that are scientifically proven to help us flourish and increase happiness, including Positive Emotion, Engagement, Achievement, Relationships, and Meaning.

Morton will speak via Zoom on Sunday, January 24, 2020 at 7:00 PM. Click here to registerFree. Suggested donation.

Dr Darren Morton’s LIFT Project


Brooklyn Borough President and NYC Mayoral Candidate, Eric Adams to speak on his new book

As part of the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Lecture Series, Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President and past NYPD Captain  will speak on his new book, Healthy at Last: A Plant-Based Approach to Preventing & Reversing Diabetes & Other Chronic Illnesses.

Adams was diagnosed with late stage Type 2 diabetes in 2016. He consulted with five doctors, and was repeatedly told he would lose fingers, toes, and his vision, and would remain on insulin for the rest of his life. With a family history of diabetes and frightened by the dim prospects for his future, Adams conducted an internet search on reversing diabetes, and found a plant-based diet.

In his book, Adams defines a path for communities of color to reverse their chronic diseases through a plant-based diet. In a recent interview, Adams explains, “Diabetes, heart disease, and other preexisting conditions account for most of the hospitalizations, and they happen in poor communities where people have poor access to food. So, it’s almost a continuation, a pipeline, to not only poor health habits but death rates. That’s why it’s imperative that we find an approach to dealing with the pandemic amidst chronic diseases that includes both intervention and prevention. “

Adams offers solutions in his book. “I wanted to show people how to look at what we have available to us in local markets. There’s a lot of healthy food in front of us, but it is being hidden between the rows of bad food…You can eat in a cheap way, but in a healthy way. We need to ensure that people in the inner cities have the access (to healthful foods).”

Adams will speak via Zoom on Monday, December 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM. Click here to register. Free. Suggested donation.

Dr. Friedman to speak at PPMNY’s Healthy Aging Webinar (virtually)

Dr. Friedman will be a featured speaker at Plant Powered Metro New York’s Webinar on Healthy Aging on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 from 12-1:30 pm ET. As a Geriatrician, Dr. Friedman will share key evidence to break down myths and norms of aging, addressing what we know about cognitive impairment, diabetes, hypertension, frailty, and overweight. The most important steps for adults to take to prevent “functional decline.” Dr. Friedman will join speakers, Aisha Parillon of JASA and Cliff Arcenaux, MMS, PA-C. Community members will share testimonials and their stories of health transformation, even at an advanced age.This event is free and open to the public with registration. To view the full Webinar, click here.

Plant-Based Living for People of Color: Has it Arrived? with Lisa Smith, MBA

Please take a look at this amazing Webinar:


Lifestyle as Medicine Lecture

Plant-Based Living for People of Color: Has it Arrived?

Lisa Smith, MBA
Executive Director
Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group

When: Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 7:30 pm

Now, more than at any other time in our history, it has become glaringly apparent that there is a need to focus on sustainable and inclusive lifestyle health practices for people of color. Ms. Smith will explore the disproportionate impact of chronic disease on people of color and ways in which we can begin to turn the tables for these more marginalized and vulnerable communities with a plant-based diet and other lifestyle interventions.

Lisa A. Smith, MBA is a serial entrepreneur, health and wellness subject matter expert, nutritionist and professional speaker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a masters in business administration. She is certified in plant based nutrition, the executive director of the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group , the author of The Plant Based Foodie and creator of the signature P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE plant based course. Lisa is a highly sought after speaker and presenter on plant-based nutrition, wholistic health and entrepreneurship who epitomizes what it means to be a passionate community leader.

Lisa Smith, Executive Director Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group, to speak on People of Color and Veganism

As part of the Lifestyle as Medicine Lecture Series, Lisa Smith, MBA, serial entrepreneur, community leader, health and wellness subject matter expert, nutritionist and professional speaker, will explore the disproportionate impact of chronic disease on people of color and ways in which we can begin to turn the tables for these more marginalized and vulnerable communities with a plant-based diet and other lifestyle interventions. This live Webinar through Zoom will take place on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at 7:30 pm EDT. Free. Suggested Donation. Click here to register.

Milton Mills, MD: The Impact of Historical Racial Bias on the Health Profiles of Communities of Color

Here are the links to the wonderful presentation given by Milton Mills, MD on  October 1, 2020:

Dr. Mills Part 1:

Dr Mills Part 2:

Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute arranged for Milton Mills, MD to bring to our Rochester audience the ground-breaking lecture he premiered at Vegan Summerfest 2019—a talk which has become even more urgent in the light of current events 
The Impact of Historical Racial Bias on the Health Profiles of Communities of Color

October 1 was World Vegetarian Day and the first day of World Vegetarian Month, culminating on November 1 with World Vegan Day.


Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute is striving to bring a plant-based diet to the mainstream with its 15-Day Whole-Food Plant-Based Jumpstart and other programs! Please support us as we try to bring about a culture change, so that a plant-based diet is encouraged and supported by the health care system, and is reflected in official dietary recommendations and medical protocols!
Milton Mills, MD is a physician who has worked with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to redress racial inequities in dietary recommendations. Dr. Mills is an intensivist (critical care/ICU) physician, actively practicing in the Washington, DC area. He speaks on a wide variety of topics, including the microbiome, the connection between diet and cancer, human anatomical adaptation to plant-based diet, and what the Bible has to say about diet, as well as connections between the civil rights movement and veganism. Dr. Mills’s insights into the legacy of racism and its impact on the health of communities of color are not to be missed.