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Milton Mills, MD presents on the MicroBiome

As part of the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Lecture Series and Rochester Area Vegan Society, on September 26, 2021, Milton Mills, MD presented to a live (and virtual) audience on the Microbiome in Rochester, NY.

Mills is a physician who has worked with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to redress racial inequities in dietary recommendations. Dr. Mills is an intensivist (critical care/ICU) physician, actively practicing in the Washington, DC area. He speaks on a wide variety of topics, including the microbiome, the connection between diet and cancer, human anatomical adaptation to plant-based diet, and what the Bible has to say about diet, as well as connections between the civil rights movement and veganism. Note: This event was Zoom-recorded live in a park pavilion using 3 phone hotspots, without any WiFi available. We apologize for the intermittent outages.

Watch the presentation here on Youtube.

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