AARP New York along with Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute is proud to present: Boosting Brain Health Naturally – a six series virtual event for AARP members and guests.

These webinars will be held from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET. Connect with us to learn about helpful information and tips to improve your quality of life. Please register for each event to receive event reminders and the link to join the Zoom class.

All webinars will take place Mondays at 1:00pm ET

1. June 5, 2023: Brain Food: Eating for Optimal Cognition and Memory.

This webinar will review the elements of an optimal diet to support brain health, which includes whole food plant food nutrition, with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Discussion will include why it would be best to avoid, reduce or eliminate highly processed foods, meat and dairy.

2. June 12, 2023: Sleep and the Brain: How Rest Helps Us Think More Clearly.

This webinar will review how to get good sleep, enhance sleep and why and how sleep impacts health. Emphasis will be placed on how the brain responds to lack of sleep, how to mitigate sleep disruption, how to protect one’s sleep environment, and the optimal amount of sleep recommended.

3. June 19, 2023: How Activity Benefits the Brain.

This webinar will explore physical activity and its positive impact on health, particularly on brain health. Discussion will include various types of physical activity and how the brain is affected when we are active versus inactive. Small changes in physical activity are proven to reap big benefits.

4. June 26, 2023: How Relaxation Benefits the Brain.

This webinar will explore the impact of both stress and relaxation on the brain and cognitive function. RLMI presenters will provide tips for managing stress with two main strategies: reducing stress when possible and how to deal effectively with unavoidable stress. Evidence for how stress management has been shown to improve cognitive function and performance will be shared.

5. July 10, 2023: How to Increase Cognitive Function.

This webinar will offer evidence for how challenging one’s brain can enhance brain function. Tips with low or no cost ideas will be shared for stimulating and engaging the brain that may result in measurable increased health outcomes. RLMI presenters will touch on how pursuing meaningful activities are especially beneficial.

6. July 17, 2023: How Socializing Helps the Brain.

This webinar will present evidence of how social interaction and connection can improve brain health. RLMI presenters will offer strategies on the positive impact on brain function of increasing and deepening one’s social interactions.