Maggie and Daryl go plant based







Maggie and I were raised in large families with typical American diets, although in my house my mother was uncommonly solicitous about providing regular salads and vegetables, culinary variety, some whole-grain breads and cereals, and avoiding sweetened breakfast cereals.  We both changed our diets away from meat during college.

We have been vegetarian since we’ve known each other—about forty-four years.  We raised our three children without meat.  They are now in their thirties and healthy.

I have been convinced of the ethical case for a vegan diet since reading Peter Singer’s book Animal Liberation in 1979, and thereafter I minimized eggs and dairy in my diet.  While we were both working, raising three children, with limited plant-based food products and information available, it seemed challenging to go wholly plant-based.  Now thankfully there is an abundant of information—nutrition and culinary—and many plant-based products to help people make the transition.

We both have been solidly plant-based for about twenty years.  For the last five years or so, we have attempted to reduce added oils in our diet.  Eliminating refined and over-processed food and oils opens up a whole world of new culinary options.  We do believe that the pleasure and satisfaction of eating are very important.  In retrospect, animal-based cuisine tends to be more mundane than plant-based eating.

Now – Living a Life of PB Health

We are both in very good health.  We exercise regularly.  We like bicycling, running, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and camping.  We have been members of the Rochester Area Vegan Society since the 1990s, and have enjoyed many potlucks, speaker presentations, and Holiday parties.  We attended Veg Summerfest one summer.

It has become easy to obtain good oil-free vegan recipes on the Web, to supplement our recipe books. It is wonderful to have more widespread vegan products commercially available. Even more important, a larger than ever community of people are nowinterested in plant-based and ethical nutrition.


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