A Plant-Based Diet: Eating for Happiness and Health




This new course is an expanded version of the popular 6-week “Plant-Based Diet” course which was given from 2012-2020 to both health professionals and the general public in the Rochester, NY area. The course was given 20 times to over 900 people. The in-person version usually met one evening per week for 6-weeks for 2 ¼ hours. It was occasionally given as a weekend workshop.

The new version has an additional instructor, new topics, and updated empirical evidence. This course for the general public is closely based on a credit-bearing course for clinicians; so you can use the same powerful information that they use to guide their patients, to optimize your own health.

In this course you will learn the science and politics behind eating a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet. You will learn the power of lifestyle changes to prevent, arrest, and reverse our nation’s most expensive and devastating diseases. You’ll learn the principles of healthy aging; the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine; and the concept of Self-Determination Theory—a powerful paradigm for understanding and shaping your own behavior. You’ll discover that a plant-based eating style is abundant, delicious, and optimal for human health.

The engaging video-based course material is presented in seven modules for you to access online and learn at your own pace. You will also receive a pdf version of a 134 page course book with supporting materials and over 150 recipes.


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