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Today’s processed food industry is making a fortune by seducing an unwitting population into becoming hooked on three powerful, habit-forming ingredients found in most grocery store products. Dr. Diehl reveals the chilling story.

Insomnia, ADHD, impotence, cancer—all are part of modern society. But do they have to be? Dr. Michael Greger, creator of outlines effective steps we can all take to overcome most of today’s health challenges.

The best way to deal with the high cost of diabetes is to prevent it in the first place. How? The needed medicines aren’t found at the drug store. They’re found at the local grocery store. Dr. Diehl provides the shopping list.

Epidemiologist T. Colin Campbell dares to suggest that many in the scientific community…his community…are coming at research all wrong. Author of the international best-seller “The China Study” shares insights into uncovering the whole truth.

Millions of people worldwide are obese and unhealthy. Millions think that by choosing diet sodas, they’re protecting themselves from those damaging conditions. Millions are wrong. Dr. Diehl explains how “diet” can be deadly.

Chef, standup comic, lecturer, author, and true friend of CHIP offers her unique view on healthy eating. Drawing from three decades of experience in and out of the kitchen, Abbie Jaye—along with her delicious recipes—are changing lives from the inside out.

In the days before carbon monoxide detectors, coal miners carried caged birds underground to warn of gas leaks. The animal’s death indicated danger. Today, men have another tool for identifying the onset of equally deadly atherosclerosis. Dr. Diehl explains.

“It’s in the genes.” Modern science is discovering that this common pronouncement isn’t exactly accurate. “It’s in the expressionof the genes,” is a better representation of truth. Dr. John Kelly, medical director of a Virginia health center, reveals the latest research.

Has the secret to healing nutrition been found? What can be expected when we follow this popular eating plan? Dr. Diehl pulls back the curtain to reveal the good, the bad, and the dangerous when it comes to eating like a Mediterranean.

The first time you sit down for a meal at the McDougall Health and Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California, be prepared for a shock. You’ll be surprised at what’s on the table, and what’s not. Dr. McDougall himself explains.

In parts of Africa, the word for “water” is the very same word for “life.” If you want life, you have to drink water. Trouble is, there’s a worldwide shortage—not of water, but of those who choose to drink it. Dr. Diehl reveals why that’s a very bad idea.

Anyone who could concoct a pill that guarantees to extend human life by eleven years would be an overnight billionaire. Dr. Diehl says that such a remedy for many modern diseases exists. Best of all, there are no negative side effects.

The first time you sit down for a meal at the McDougall Health and Medical Center in Santa Rosa, California, be prepared for a shock. You’ll be surprised at what’s on the table, and what’s not. Dr. McDougall himself explains.

A forward-thinking hospital in Florida operates under the rare and powerful prevention and wellness banner when it comes to community health. Dr. Sal Lacagnina, vice president of Lee Memorial Health System, is leading the attack.

Education is powerful medicine when it comes to building and maintaining optimum health. Dr. Wayne Dysinger, CHIP’s medical director, shares insights into healing through knowledge. Many diseases have met their match!

One Illinois resident decided that, for her 35th wedding anniversary, she’d fit back into her wedding dress. One problem. 35 years of fat accumulation stood in the way. What did she do? Her inspiring story can serve as a motivation for us all.

For all of our modern abilities, wealth, and technologies, Americans rank number 50 in health and longevity in the world. We trail behind many developing countries! What can we do to live happier, healthier, longer lives? Dr. Diehl offers sound suggestions.

Modern medicine does an amazing job of responding to many diseases. But it’s those chronic ailments that pose the greatest challenge and risk to us all. Dr. Diehl highlights the importance of “lifestyle medicine” to counter our most dangerous killers.

For thousands of years, people on this planet enjoyed a plant-centered diet…and thrived. But then something happened that continues to change the overall health of our world and those who call it home. Dr. Diehl tells the story.

Something is happening in modern society that’s both good news and bad news when it comes to what we’re dumping down our throats. Dr. Hans Diehl reveals the necessary but often neglected ingredients for life.

Rip was an all-American swimmer, top professional triathlete, and Texas fire fighter. Then he took on a really tough challenge—to stay healthy. What he learned should prove important to us all. His book, My Beef With Meat, shines a revealing light on animal protein.

What’s going on? No time in history have we known more about health than we do today. Yet we’re sick. Very sick! Why? What are we missing—or, more to the point—choosing to ignore? Dr. Diehl offers some scientifically proven suggestions.

We all have visions of the “good life.” For some reason, we’ve come to believe that the accumulation of wealth will bring about an accumulation of health. Such thinking is dangerously wrong. Dr. Diehl shares insights into the real antidote for today’s chronic diseases.

CHIP’s general manager knows a thing or two about living a healthy lifestyle. He brings years of experience to the program and reveals what the future will look like for the Complete Health Improvement Program. Hint. The future looks bright!

What happens when a large company decides to address the health of its many employees? The answer appears on the bottom line. Dr. Dexter Shurney, medical chief of Commins Diesel Company in Indiana, shares insights into keeping business healthy.

Every third adult in North America has high blood pressure. This puts them at risk for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and other debilitating diseases. Dr. Diehl offers proven suggestions for bypassing this silent killer. The answer includes what we eat!

In 1988, a Canadian physician began a movement in his community that continues to this day. Because of his efforts, many lives have been saved. What did he do and why did he do it? Dr. Sid Kettner, now retired, explains.

Do you have dreams of being a long-distance runner, or a triathlete, or competing in the Olympics? What you eat can help you along that journey. It can also rob you of that dream. Dr. Hans Diehl talks about nutrition for the long run.

Consider this: We know more about the human brain than ever before. We’ve got powerful medicines that can change the way we think. So, why has mental illness skyrocketed? Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert Whitaker reveals the hidden truth.

Modern medicine is a “good news, bad news” conundrum. Sometimes it works beautifully. Other times if fails miserably. Knowing what works and what doesn’t could save your life. Dr. Diehl offers powerful suggestions.

When modern medicine works, it works wonders. We’ve come to depend on science to see us through many of our ills. But there are times when we need something more. Dr. Diehl suggests that many of the answers we seek are found in a very unlikely place.

We are what we eat. Sometimes that fact works in our favor. Sometimes, it conspires to do us in permanently. Dr. Popper, executive director of the Wellness Forum in Ohio, shares her expertise on nutrition, medicine, and optimum health.

It’s a study that laid the foundation of many more studies. The now famous Framingham Heart Study asked a simple question: Who is at risk for heart disease? Answers poured in over the years. Dr. Castelli was its third director and shares what’s been learned.

The American Medical Association has recognized obesity as a disease. This controversial ruling adds pressure to health officials around the world to rethink how obesity is approached and treated. Dr. Diehl explains.

A controversial article in The Permanente Journal, voice of giant health insurer Kaiser Permanente, identified nutrition as a source of healing. Its author, retired obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Herbert Sorensen, shares his unique vision for the future of health care.

Chronic disease doesn’t recognize political boundaries. Thankfully, neither do cures. One surprising source of curiosity is Lithuania, a small country tucked between Russia and Poland. Representatives came to Loma Linda for answers. Dr. Hans Diehl welcomed them.

In 1977, a young doctor performed a study that proved, for the very first time, that comprehensive lifestyle changes could not only stop the progression of coronary artery disease, but could actually reverse it. Dr. Dean Ornish tells his story.

It’s long been a marker for potential heart disease. What is it? Why is it? And how do we control its formation deep in our bodies. Dr. Diehl talks about cholesterol and ways we can keep from acquiring too much of it and, if necessary, remove some of what we already have.

The book Rethink Food answers that all-important question: “Why?” Why do people get sick? Why do foods affect us in such profound ways? Why do people lose weight and drop so many illnesses when they change their diet? One hundred doctors offer guidance.

Heart disease kills more than wars, famines, and starvation combined. How can we protect ourselves from its deadly grasp? Dr. Diehl provides answers, sharing the good news that heart disease has met its match!

You might find him digging postholes in his yard. Or he could be in surgery, advising those huddled over the open body. His name is Ellsworth Wareham and he just happens to be over 100 years old. How is that possible? The good doctor himself answers that question.

Nutrition training for future doctors? You’d think, knowing what we know today, that that would be a given. Think again. Dr. Diehl weighs in on the topic and shares why medical schools tend to concentrate elsewhere in their classes.

Prepare to hear the story of how food moved from being just something we eat, to becoming considered the most powerful healing medicine on earth. Dr. John McDougall was part of that story and he shares his journey with anyone who will listen.

Men’s health challenges, women’s health challenges, diabetes, the GI track, Alzheimer’s, anti-aging. These are just a few of the issues addressed by the team of Goodman and Castle in their book Rethink Food. Prepare to be amazed!

Bones. Out of sight. Out of mind. Big mistake. They, like any other part of our anatomy, need special attention and lots of TLC. Retired orthopedic surgeon and professor at Loma Linda University, offers tips and guidelines for keeping our bones strong and healthy.