What impact has a whole-food plant-based diet had on your life?
Share your Journey to Plant-Based Healthy Living with us!

Lisa – Lost Weight and Feels Great

          I began a plant-based diet in the beginning of 2019. The biggest change I noticed since going plant-based was weight stability and more life enjoyment as it relates to eating. My weight used to fluctuate due to overeating, followed...

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Dr. Kim’s Story

My discovery of true health began in about 2011 when I realized that I was just 1-year shy of my mother's age when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wondered how I could prevent the same diagnosis in myself. At the same time, a friend of mine who was taking a...

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Has a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet Changed Your Life?  Want to Inspire Others?!

Share Your Before and After Story and Photos With Us.


Please write a brief story (up to 800 words) of your journey and e-mail it to Beth at beth.garver@roclifemed.com.

Was your journey influenced by participation in a Rochester Lifestyle Medicine program? Tell us about it.

Please send Before and After photos and include your first name along with your submission. Thanks for sharing!

Please consider the questions below while writing your Plant-Based Health Story:

Before You Became Plant-Based

How was your health prior to becoming plant based (pb)? Were you diagnosed with an illness? What was your diet and exercise like? Describe your diet briefly? What made you switch to PB?

During Your Journey to Plant-Based

Did you have any significant challenges while transitioning to PB? What changes did you notice about yourself?

After You Became Plant-Based (Now)

How has your life been impacted by your change to a PB diet? Has your exercise increased? If so, how? What are favorite foods now? Have you had an impact on others? If so, how has your journey inspired others to make positive changes in their diets and lives?

Please include up to 8 photos. Accepted file types are .jpg, .png and .gif.

By submitting your story and photos, you agree to RLMI including your story on our website and marketing. We will not sell your story or any information about you. We may edit your story slightly for grammar, if necessary, but will not change your story.

Please submit story and photos to Beth at beth.garver@roclifemed.com.

Thank you for sharing!


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