Lisa Before and After Plant Based






I began a plant-based diet in the beginning of 2019. The biggest change I noticed since going plant-based was weight stability and more life enjoyment as it relates to eating.

My weight used to fluctuate due to overeating, followed by constricting my eating. This took a lot of mental energy and feelings of shame when I felt I could not control my weight. Once I began a plant-based diet, I noticed my eating patterns became stable, along with my weight. I lost about ten pounds and then stabilized.

At first, I was worried about how to prepare or find foods to eat, or where to eat out. I started to build my own recipe binder and each time I found a recipe I liked, I would add it.

Friends and Pinterest gave me some ideas and as I became more comfortable with my new lifestyle, the food preparation became easy. Never in my life had I cooked with fresh onions, garlic and spices. These are now a staple in my kitchen and I have fun making all types of plant-based foods and soups.

I learned to prepare my own oat flour, applesauce, jam and vegan cheese, and all these items are gluten free, oil free and only natural fruit sugar.

I learned I could eat plenty, feel comfortable and not gain weight.

I used to eat out often in restaurants that did not match what my body truly wanted to eat.  With more awareness about what I love, I eat out 80% less of the time because the food I make at home trumps any restaurant meal.  When I do eat out, I select restaurants with healthy vegan/vegetarian options.

Overall, living a plant-based lifestyle has made me feel healthy, motivated me to exercise more, and has helped to stabilize my emotions.

An added benefit is that I feel better in my clothes, I am proud of my choices and I am having fun.


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