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On February 21, 2023, RLMI-IHA Lifestyle Medicine Grand Rounds patient case, The Liver: A Man With Cirrhosis Not Ready to Die, was presented by Dr. Zach Burns, with guest panelist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz. Other panel members included Kerry Graff, MD and Melissa Sundermann, DO. Dr. Ted Barnett moderated and case coordinator was Dr. Susan Friedman.

Learn from Lifestyle Medicine experts how they treat a complex patient case of a 63-year-old male construction worker with alcohol use disorder and a diagnosis of hepatic cirrhosis. His recovery has been complicated by occupational trauma, variceal hemorrhage, and a brief relapse with alcohol requiring hospitalization.

Please send the video link to your medical professional colleagues so they can learn how Lifestyle Medicine practitioners and their patients address the root cause of disease more effectively than using pills and complicated, expensive procedures.

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