On Thursday April 20, 2023, Kim Scheuer, MD, Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Anthony Masiello, CEO of Love.Life Telehealth (formerly Plant Based TeleHealth) shared their stories and the evolution of Lifestyle Telemedicine, a succesful telehealth practice, which inspires and treats people everyday all over the world, to get healthy and reverse their chronic diseases.

Anthony Masiello, who lost 160# and reclaimed his health, and Dr. Kim Scheuer, who rejuvenated her life and the lives of her patients, shared their individual stories of health improvement through Lifestyle Medicine. This led each to career changes and put them on a path so they and others can bring Lifestyle Medicine benefits to all in need throughout the United States and Internationally.

They discussed what Love.Life Telehealth offers to those seeking evidence-based medical care focused on promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyle modification to prevent, reverse, and treat disease. And they will present the evolution of their Lifestyle Telemedicine service.

If you missed the incredible stories of how they turned their lives around, lost weight, got healthy and launched lifestyle telehealth, watch the recording of last Thursday’s RLMI Lifestyle as Medicine Lecture event, The Evolution of Lifestyle Telemedicine, presented by Kim Scheuer, MD, Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Anthony Masiello of Love.Life Telehealth, you can watch it here on our RLMI YouTube channel.