Through Rochester Lifestyle Medicine’s Lecture Series, internationally-known Australian Lifestyle Medicine Expert Dr. Darren Morton teaches how we can lift our lives and those of others—and flourish. Through the award-winning, evidence-based, scientifically-proven global LIFT Project. Morton’s goal is to LIFT 10 million lives.

Charismatic, engaging and passionate, Morton is all about LIFTing lives by teaching people how to bring happiness, meaning and joy to their lives and others’ lives. Morton has presented to hundreds of receptive audiences from Australia to America.

Morton shows us what it takes to Flourish. He identifies and elaborates on the key elements that are scientifically proven to help us flourish and increase happiness, including Positive Emotion, Engagement, Achievement, Relationships, and Meaning.

Morton spoke via Zoom on Sunday, January 24, 2020 at 7:00 PM.

Watch the Webinar below.

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