AMA Calls for Dietary Guidelines To Indicate ‘Meat and Dairy Products Are Optional’ To Fight Health Disparities

Going Plant Based can mitigate the risk of health disparities, according the American Medical Association. In a letter dated Aug. 13, 2020, the AMA wrote: “The AMA supports culturally responsive dietary and nutritional guidelines and recognizes that racial and ethnic disparities exist in the prevalence of obesity and diet-related diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Dairy and meat products are promoted in federal nutrition policies even though they are not nutritionally required. The AMA notes that Black Americans are at particularly high risk for prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular mortality, and prostate and colorectal cancers are strongly linked to dairy, processed meat, and red meat consumption. Such products also contribute to cardiovascular risk and are not nutritionally indicated for all diets. Accordingly, the AMA recommends that the DGAC clearly indicate in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) that meat and dairy products are optional, based on an individual’s dietary needs.” Read more.


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